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Restaurant Loti

Sunday Brunch

 Le Loti restaurant and its Chef, Virginie Basselot, invite you to enjoy its brunch every Sunday.

128CHF / 1 people

Nescens Discovery Day

Experience a full day of complete relaxation and divine rejuvenation.

680CHF / 1 people

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Restaurant Loti

Tasting Menu in 5 acts

Experience the refined and elegant cuisines of Chef Virginie Basselot – awarded M.O.F. 2015 – in her restaurant Le Loti, through a 5-course tasting menu.

296CHF / 2 people
Tse Fung

Lunch at Tsé Fung

For the time of a lunch, the Tsé-Fung team is delighted to welcome you to our modest interpretation of the ancestral art of Chinese cuisine.

296CHF / 2 people

Ultimate Swiss Cellular Facial 1h30

Enjoy a unique personalised experience with exceptional cosmetics.

240CHF / 1 people

2 hours Body Massage

Enjoy an instant of complete well being...

310CHF / 1 people
Piscine Spa La Réserve Genève

Spa Experience 2 days / 2 nights

Rejuvenate in the intimacy of a heavenly spa …

1 950CHF / 2 people

Our establishment in few words

Welcome to La Reserve Geneve

The subtle luxury of refined simplicity, uncluttered and unpretentious. Experience a reassuring sense of privacy, the luxury of an attentive, discreet staff.

Here, you will find an intimate and infinitely pleasing home away from home, where excellence

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